I Donated to 2011 TAAF Annual AVM Walk!

I donated to 2011 TAAF Annual AVM Walk! How about everyone else. :)


Here is Shalon's amazing video!

Morning Scott,

Yep, the check is in the mail and my spirit will be @ the walk!!! :)


Wonderful Patti

Scott- you are awesome to donate. I need to make my donation soon.

Also- everyone please be sure to spread the news! Ask your email contacts to visit our fundraising site and help support YOU by donating to the walk in your name. And of course, post the link to your facebook pages and ask everyone to keep doing the same.

The video IS pretty amazing right? I'm way too modest to say so myself, but not at all too modest to agree with others who say it is :)

xoxo Shalon

We raised $500 in the blink of an eye!!! Our goal is $10k. Let’s do this folks!

$500 already! That's wonderful! I just made a donation.

Unfortunately, I'll have to miss the awareness walk this year since I have to take my final exams, but hopefully I can make next year's walk.

Scott, I’m in awe of your never-ending helpfulness! You always rise to the ocassion. On behalf of myself (& not doubt, others too), I sincerely & whole-heartedly would like to say “Thank you!” for all that you do!!!

Just sent this information to a popular radio station here in the Atlanta, GA area. Hopefully, it will generate awareness and funds for the fundraiser. (All we can do is try.)

Cindy - you are amazing! Wonderful job of spreading the word. Also, you are way too kind. Shalon is the one who set this up. She's the special one. I'll still give out hugs though for donors who hit that mark. :)

Quick update! We are already up to $630 and 11 individual donations. Way to start this off!

T-shirts are the hot item of course…as if there was every any doubt! And there are already two requests for AVM Artwork. I personally have my eye on one of Ben’s designs and just need to get around to donating myself in order to snag it as mine!

I also finally received the little butterflies and they are totally cute! I should also clarify that these are actually little pins that can be added to your shirt, purse, a hair clip, really anything you can think of. A little butterfly bling is totally going to make you sparkle!

Don’t forget to keep spreading the word. Tell your friends and family how they can support you by helping us out. And they can leave a very nice “dedication” to YOU on the comment page like Andrea’s parents did. It’s sweet!

Thanks again for all of the love and support. We appreciate it all and can’t wait to see this fundraiser really take off!

GREAT job, Shalon!!! You go, girl!

(I was actually able to get this to 2 popular radio stations in ATL before bed tonight/early AM. Thinking newspaper & TV too, as well as the local, small town ones in the area as well. Thinks EVERY person on this site can send in requests to their areas too... newspapers, TV stations, radio stations. Here's the thing: THERE'S NO HARM IN SIMPLY ASKING (& you NEVER know until you ask). It's a 50/50 chance - if 'no' or nothing comes of it, no harm; if 'yes' or they do, YAY - awareness & you did it!

For EVERY person on this site: Remember, to believe in yourself and know "The single most common and most devastating mistake that most people around the world make on a regular basis is that they underestimate their own abilities for positive change." (- Doing Good Works) so just try and see what great things you have the potential to make happen!

Wonderful message and way to spread it Cindy!!!

Question friends- My brother said he is going to talk to some people for me and said he will try and get some donations (yayy!)-are donations made tax deductible (i.e., do we have the 501 (3)c status? Thanks!


Hi Patti - we are not 501 3 ©, however TAAF is. 20% of the proceeds goes to pay for the AVMSurvivors and 80% goes to TAAF. I’m sure we can arrange something from TAAF to make it tax deductible. If there is a big donor that this matters to, please let me know and we can work it out!

Aww... Thanks Cindy and Scott! I appreciate all the LOVE from you both. And really, it's no big deal. I gladly put in the tiniest bit of effort to help out our entire AVM family and to help raise awareness. It's the entire reason I HAVE this AVM to begin with. To be able to make something good out of it for myself and for others. I belive that 100%.

And Cindy- Scott is way too modest. While I totally crave the spot light and always am ready to be the "face" of AVM... you have no idea just how much Scott and the rest of the team contribute daily to keep all of the Ben's Friends communities up, running, growing, and thriving. Don't let him fool you in the least. He's a total hero!

Also, totally a great idea with the radio stations and the TV. I've been thinking the same thing and was hoping to get something going with my local morning news crew and maybe heading down to the city to team up with Scott & Eric for a San Fran news segment. Gotta look into that before we run out of time!

xoxo Shalon

great ideas! you are too nice Shalon.

We have made it over the $800 mark! Come on SURVIVORS! Who wants to help us make it to $1000 or more by tomorrow night?!?! Spread the word. Facebook our link www.indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors and email it out to all your friends and family!

Think of it this way- if each of our AVMSN members donated just $10.00- we'd make like $30,000. How seriously awesome would that be? So we only need 1000 of you to make that $10.00 donation and we will have made our goal. Easy Peasy, right???

Scott, Ben, Shalon: try these to see if TAAF can get some (on-going) support from these 2 places:



(I would but since I'm not a founder, etc., it may not work if I submit it.)

I’m so proud!!! We passed $1k today and we’re already at $1,100. This group is so generous. I know we can get to $10k.

I’ve just talked to the Founder & CEO of IndieGoGo (http://www.indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors), the site hosting our fundraiser, and he has agreed to feature it on their site and Twitter & blog posts because he loves the community so much. Now we really can’t let him down, we must get past $10k!