I just realize have 3 kind of rare diseases

After I become a member of AVM network,I just realize that I'm not only AVM survivor but Arnold Chiari Syndrom with cercicaler Hydromyelie and Trigeminus Neúralgia.On July 2009 shunt implantation for drain the cerebrall fluid.On Dec 2010 bleeding and then I have radiation for 11 times & embolization on March 2011. On October 2011 edema on my right cereberalle.Now I can't walk straight,balancing is bad,as if will fall down,weakness on my legs,tremor at my right arm,short memory,defisit kognitif,slowly,moon face(cause cortizon).On 23 Feb 2012 have ct scan to know the pressure in my shunt n have ajusted but 2 weeks later my head felt pressured n balancing is not being good.Doctor ask for the new ct scan again on 9 March 2012 to compare the result before.Is anyone experiencing
the same problem like me ?Could U share and give advice?
Could someone help me to answer my question:
1. What is the worst effect of 3 kind of my disease?
2. Can trigeminus neuralgia become actif again ?
If 'yes' what is the cause ?
3. What is Gamma Knife ? Is different from radiation?
4. Is there another treatment beside radiation,emboli
n operation?
I hope can get more information cause during this time I only trust to my doctor,and now my former doctor who treated me from the beginning had moved.

So sorry to read of all your added challenges!
Here are 2 Ben's Friends Communities that may help @
http://www.chiarisupport.org/ & http://www.livingwithtn.org/
Take care,

Thanks Patti.