I just want to clear this

Hello every body, Im new to this board… I just wanted to get a clear answer to this…I have two beutiful baby girls 7 & 8… My doctors tell me that I should not be worried about them or anybody else in my family… because AVMs are not hederitary… is this true or should i have my kids tested…

I am not a doctor but I have done a lot of reading around this as my wife has an AVM and we have 2 young boys. We had exactly the same concerns; but everything I’ve read has suggested it is not hereditary and that they should have no higher % chance of having an AVM than anyone else.

Hope that re-assures you somewhat.

It does some what… because I dont know if i could handle them going through this.
thanl you stuart i do apreciated

I have also been told this is what the studies say. If you are concerned, you can always get an MRI of them. It likely won’t be covered by insurance unfortunately.

I have never known any of my relatives (and I have several of them) to have an AVM. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and while it is early, we have no reason to beleive that he has anything AVM-related.