I love you all!

I just wanted to say i hear everyones pain inspiring stories and i will lift each and one you in prayer and i wish we could get togehter each year just the AVM family…well i love you keep us in prayer as well. Im so happy to have meet you guys here at this site. Love Stella
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What a nice posting Stella! I agree that this is a great little family and I too am so glad to be part of this site. Ben is a wonderful woderful person to have started this thing!

I tell everyone I talk to about this site and encourage everyone to join. I advertise it as the “most welcoming place ever!”


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Thank you, Stella. This is my 2nd family and I pray for you all.

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What a nice posting, Stella.

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And thank you for your contribution here.


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Thank you Stella what a wonderful posting. We do have a great family here.

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Right back atcha!

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