I want to get some 2nd opinions

I had a partial embolization and surgical resection of an AVM on my L ear and scalp and lost the top half of my ear and had a skin graft. I recently found out that the AVM is back and has even spread to places it wasn’t in before. My surgeon doesn’t want to do surgery again for fear of damaging the major facial nerve near the parotid gland and wants me to have an embolization with Onyx. I would like to get some other medical opinions for my peace of mind so anybody have a doctor who would give me an opinion on line? Thanks, Kim

There are no doctors in my state who know or are capable of treating AVMs. And as I don’t have the money to track down all AVM doctors I think an online communication is a good place to start–but thanks for your reply. Kim

Jason Eppert said:

you need to see a doctor in person, not get a second opion online

I agree you need to see dr. in person…work something out but this is a serious issue… xoxo mare

Kimberly, Their are a few doctors around the country that will review your medical records and maybe offer some advice. Also their might be a charge for this service, I know the Doctor in Ariziona will review records for a couple of hundred dollars.

Here is a link to Dr. Robert Spetzler:


At Massachusetts General Hospital, they have a review team that will review your current records and maybe offer some opinions, you will have to get in touch with them (the link is to their AVM support)