If you have never had a bleed can an embolization cause one?

I’m going in tomorrow for my angiogram and “possible embo”, I guess it depends on what he sees when he gets in there. Anyhow I have never had a bleed, we found this avm proactively. My question is can an embo actually trigger a bleed? I’m totally freaking out as I read a story on here about a guy who passed away after having 6 embo procedures… I guess he went into a coma and then died. The ironic thing is he was under the same care of the same physician that I am seeing. That completely freaked me out. I am so new to all of this and I’m having a very hard time grasping this as I am almost 39 and never even knew I had this thing. Also another question for you ladies, sorry if it’s tmi for you guys reading this but I just got my period (a week early) and have no idea if you are supposed to have any type of procedure when you are menstruating. I will call the Doc office this morning but if someone reads this and knows the answer please do tell.
Thanks everyone,
Bless you all.

Hi Rachel
Unfortunately bleeding is possible after an angiogram. However, they will probably monitor you for some hours afterwards so should one occur, you’ll be in the best place for further treatment… I know it’s not much comfort, but this is a risk you just have to take if you want the AVM to be treated. I’ve found that after my angios by far the worst thing has been the bed rest afterwards! Ask if your radiologist can use an “angio seal”. With that you’ll be able to walk to the loo half an hour afterwards. leaves a bit of a lump on your groin though for some time…
Your period should not matter - you just might want to discuss with a nurse what type of sanitary protection they prefer you to use as you normally have to remove your knickers for the procedure.
Take care. Will be thinking of you.


Hey Rachel. I can’t comment specifically on the title question…
But I do know that it feels very scary when your doctor has treated someone who has died. It feels like that somehow means the chance of it happening to you is higher. I too know that my doctor has had what would be considered “failures” including (I beleive) loss of life. BUT keep in mind that they also have many many more successes! And also that people die from simple surgeries as well. It isn’t all in the hands of the surgeon, there are many factors that may have played a role in that guy’s passing. So as hard as it is, try not to stress too much over the fact that you and this person have the same physician. I know, easier said than done!!!
And I agree with Soili, no big deal about your period. I’ve had embo’s with it. Definately a pain and one more thing to deal with, but nothing that would prohibit you from having treatment of any kind.
Good Luck!

hi rachel,
you can have the procedure done when menstruating…i had my period for my first angi…not he thing you need when having this done i know…but not much you can do about it…good luck it’s not as bad as it seems

Hi Rachel and warm greetings from Iran
The risk of the Angio itself (without Embo) is near zero but the risk of the embolization, depending the size and location and drainage of your AVM is betwwen 1 to 5 percent for neurological deficits and death.This statistics is decreasing day by day because of the improving Embolizing materials and Chateter technologies.I think today the risk is very low.
My son had 3 Angio and 2 Embolization and the complications has been near zero.
Don’t worry.
For your period talk to your embolizer.
God bless you