I'm at a loss

Yesterday I was just sitting on the couch watching t.v when it felt like the floor droped out from under me. the feeling only lasted a few seconds then, I had the worst heart palpitations I’ve ever had. I was all by myself and I freaked out and called my mom to try and calm down. I went to the ER as soon as my husband got home and they did a ct scan and found nothing wrong. Four lack of anything better to diagnose me with I was told I had vertigo. I’ve had this happen once before and the room spun clock wise that time. I was wondering if this could be some kind of seizure? Has anyone had anythign similar? It feels like my eyes are messed up(sensative to light) and tired after and I have pressure in my head and neck areas. I do have nerve damage in my neck and base of my head so maybe it could be something pushing on my nerves causing this strange sensation. I’m upset because the Er doc said I cant drive untill I get checked out by a neurologist and I cant get in to see one untill October. I have no idea what to do about my job because its fourty mins away in each direction. I have no idea why this would be happening over two years after my craniotomy and I’m scared this could happen to me at any time. If anyone can shed any light on this I would really appreciate it.

Hi Nikki. Did you ask the neurologist’s office if they have a cancellation list so maybe you could see him sooner?

I echo Barbara & hope your neuro can see you soon to give you a possible explanation to this scary symptom.
Am wondering if you’re on any meds that could contribute to this sensation??
Hope you get some answers soon!
In the mean time try to relax & rest as much as possible (I know, easier said then done!:slight_smile:
Take care,

Hi guys, just an update. I just got back from my primary doc and he didnt think it was siezures. I’m still going to the neurologist in October but will see if I can get in sooner with the cancelation list. My regular doc said I can drive so I’m going back to work Tuesday if all goes well. I’m kinda scared because I still feel weird but I gotta keep moving forward.
In answer to your question the only real med I’m on is xanax for my anxiety but they put me on that after the first episode I had with this vertigo or what ever it really is. I’m on alot of suppliments but I asked today and the doctor didnt think it was any of them. I’ve resurched most and they dont seem to have many side effects.
Thanks for your concern. If I find out anything else I’ll post it here.

My mother-in-law, who has had no symptoms of AVM/aneurysms, stroke, called my husband about 2 years ago, asking him to drive her to the e.r. because she was afraid she might be having a stroke. It ended up being really bad vertigo. Apparently, she has a small piece of ear bone that has broken & it was floating around, causing the vertigo. When it lodges itself & stays put, she’s fine, but when it dislodges, she has the vertigo.

Hi A Collins. I was wondering how they diagnosed your mother -in -law? They did check my ears to see if had any fluid in them and found nothing. Did they find the bone on a ct scan or just by looking with a scope? Some of my scar tissue is right behind my ear and I had trouble hearing once when they had to flush out some tissue that was infected on the base of my head and neck. Sounds like what your saying could be something to look in to.

Actually, I have no idea how they diagnosed it. I was at work that day & they had diagnosed her by the time *I even knew anything was wrong.

Your neurologist may want to run a few test to determine if this is any type of seizure. I went through a whole battery of tests when I started experiencing new, weird symptoms about 9 months ago. I turns out I’m not having seizures either, but my neurologist does believe it’s a type of vertigo (whether for lack of a better term or not!). I also take Xanax for anxiety when I need it and it helps me immensely. For me the sypmtoms kind of resolved themselves over time and these episdes don’t happen as often or last as long. I’ve resigned myslef to the fact that this is just something I may have to deal with from time to time. Good luck to you!

i get this, to a degree. The heart rushers a little, kinda like a wooshy sensation - eveything is rushing; i do get this not very nice feeling of general “badness”, if thats possible; general very much run down, but pressure seems high. This happens only very quickly - 40sec or so. I have to just steady myself and concentrate, then it clears almost straight away. I have no headache from it, but its really not very nice at all. I get ths maybe once in 3 weeks.

dizziness is very common, so it’s hard to figure out the cause. The neurologist will ask you a series of questions to try to figure it out. I would write down everything you remember when it’s fresh to help him/her diagnose.

On-going stress can really mess with you, so you may want to try to keep your blood sugar pretty even, I’m sensitive to it. I snack a high protein, small snack at 10am and at 2pm and it helps to avoid feeling light-headed. I also had my iron checked and it was low. Seems like since I’ve been taking iron, it’s been less of an issue.

It could be something else, but low iron or low blood sugar. Keep some tic tacs and put a couple under your tongue if you feel light-headed. Might help.


Thanks everyone, for all your thoughts. I guess I’m going to have to suck it up until my neurologists apt. in October. What ever this is it feels like it has something to do with my eyes. And the pressure I feel in my head takes the same path it did when I had my bleed, from the base of my scull to behind my eyes. I sure hope somebody can figure it out because its making work pretty hard for me. Dont really want to do disability becuase I feel I have alot to offer still, but I cant keep feeling this way. I guess I’ll keep you guys posted as to what the doc says.

I have this happen a lot. I had my surgery 5 years ago. I can not lay flat or I get head spins bad. It is so aggravating but it does get better. My neuro. said just something I have to deal with, it will get better in time. This does not happen everyday I now know how to deal with it. Their is a dizzy med. called Antivert, but the side effect on the bottle says may cause dizziness. That is just dumb!! All I can say it just learn to deal with it and know your limitations. Sorry, not a big help, please let me know if you find out more. Thanks, and good luck!

Lynnseyb, that was a help. I feel better knowing that someone else experiences the samething and that its nothing major. I’ve only had this happen twice and it lasted seconds both times but it was enough to scare the heck out if me. I’ve just gotta find the reason behind what makes this happen and I’ll except it better. Its just how my mind works, if I can say that its only this happening to me, then I can calm down and deal. Thanks for your help. I’ll ask the neurologist about the Antivert and see if he thinks it will help.

Just an update. I got an answer from the neurologist about what is going on with me. he said I have a cerebellar vestibular disorder. So, it is an inner ear problem. Because my AVM was in my cerebellum it basically was an insult to that area after the bleed, and I’m left with some side effects. Your ears and eyes work with your cerebellum and take in input as to how you see your surroundings and because of the damage there, all three areas arent working together as they should be, thus causing vertigo spells. I’m pretty much stuck with this but its not the worst thing in the world now that I understand. No seizures. The doc had no answers about what would happen if I had vertigo while driving or how this would effect my job and he didnt even need to see me again. I’m still left dangeling about how this effects my future. I’m told by every doc how wonderfull I’m doing and nothing on how to live with the 5% that turned out not quite normal. And every doc now thinks I shoud be on an antidepresant for my emotional trauma. Honestly I’m a little scared about that kind of thing so if anyone has input on antidepressants and their story with using them I would appreciate it. Thanks everyone for your help with all of this.

I had an AVM removed from my Cerebellum and have had dizziness ever since. (This was October 2006). Yup, nobody told me how to live with the stuff that’s not quite right either. I was really interested in your post, especially regarding the inner ear problems because I have always believed it had a lot to do with my ongoing dizziness. But I won’t get into my story… Anti depressants? Don’t be scared of them. They do have side effects, but they help to cope with what you are going through. Oh and yes I’m on them too. Write me anytime. :slight_smile: