Incision won't heal! Its been 2 months ! Help

I have a 2 in spot on my head that won’t heal. Parts of the scab will lift off and underneith it are holes. Has any one else had this proble. It has been 2 months since the surgery and I have one spot that just wont heal and its worrying me. I don’t want to wind up with an infection. Is this normal to have a spot like this. the scab is getting thick because it lifts up and more scab develops underneith. I really thought it would all be gone by now. Any one else have this happen???

Have you called your doctor? Maybe you can talk with the nurse and see what is going on. That doent sound normal to me, but I didnt have a crani. Hope you get help/ answers soon. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Definitely call your doctor. It may very well be normal but it wouldn’t hurt to call. I didn’t have very much scabbing at all and my incisions healed pretty quickly. But then, I’ve always healed quickly anyway.

Yes call your doctor and tell them, maybe it didn’t close properly at that point? And yes you definitely don’t want to risk an infection.