Because my doctor's answer of "they just happen sometimes" is not good enough I thought I'd ask if anyone has had any experience with infections related to their AVMs.

My AVM is in my mandible and in the last three years I have suffered through several infections. The first was the worst as I had no idea what was going on - fever, hot and cold flashes followed by alot of pain. It was a while and several attempts at antibiotics (and a misdiagnosis by local emerge doc who thought it was wiser to prescribe bladder infection antibiotics rather than take my AVM seriously) to finally put me on Clindamycin which is fairly strong to get rid of the infection.

So far two weeks of Clindamycin seems to have worked great... but since mid November of last I have been on antibiotics either pill form or IV. Now I just started another two weeks of Ceftin a new antibiotic introduced to me as we believe my body is now too smart for Clindamycin.

Can anyone relate? I'm really worried about being on so many antibiotics as I'm being stripped of good bacteria (although loading up on my regular intake of probiotics!). I'm also worried as to the underlying reason for the infection - usually associated with the glue actually extracting! ya.. fun stuff... anyone have that happen?

Most of all I am frustrated as I have my very first ethanol alcohol embo scheduled for the end of this month 8 hours away from where I live, so I NEED to get better!

I'd totally appreciate any advice from my AVM family!

Thanks soooo much :) Andrea.

My son had an infection in his CSF which meant his new shunt had to come out. They gave him antibiotics up the ying-yang. Had to give him such a strong one that a PIC line had to be used. It ate his veins up like battery acid.