Information on how to treat inoperatable cva

I was hospitalized end of May, 2011 and diagnosed with a cavernous malformation with Venous Angioma. There was evidence of a minor bleed but it was not a fresh bleed. I presented with slurred speech, limb weakness (I walked like I was drunk) and delayed speech when I was asked questions (I was able to come up with the answer just as quickly as normal in my head - but not through my lips). I also had a severe headache. The CVA is in my right thalamus and is too deep to operate on.

I tried to return to work part time but the pressures and stressors caused the symptoms to reappear. When I was in the hospital I did not have any paralysis but when I was in the emergency room this week my presentation was worse than when I first I was hospitalized.

It felt like there were electrical shock waves pinging around in my brain like a ball in an old fashioned pinball machine. My mental focus was way off. My left side was numb and I was singing to myself (singing was ok - a self-soothing reaction and my humming sounds pretty nice).

I met with my neurologist yesterday and he put me out on a full leave until 10/3/11. I want to know if anyone else has had this and if there was no option for treatment due to the placement of the C AV - what treatments are available.

Also is seeing a neuro phycologist better than seeing a “regular” phycologist?

Please excuse my spelling as it has also been impacted. Even though it was not all that great to start out with. :slight_smile:

Hi Desta777,

Sorry you’re having such a rough time. I can’t answer your question about treatments (other than to say: have you had a second opinion?), but I can reply to your question about neuropsychology.

YES, a neuropsychologist is better for people who have a structural brain problem. A regular psychologist isn’t as aware of what your deficits would be, and it’s hard for them to sort out what you can change and what you have to learn to work around.

Good luck, and think about that second opinion if you haven’t gotten one already.


Hi again Desta777,
I’ve sent you a private message but echo JH’s suggestion of getting another opinion.
There’s some great NS who specialize & have lots of experience in treating ‘us,’ so I HOPE you’ll consider another opinion (as many opinions as you need) to feel ‘right’ about the advice/recommendations/direction of your care.
Take care & know you’re not alone,