Inspiring but bring kleenex

My girlfriend sent me this link and told me to watch it when I was feeling sorry for myself. Who me? Feel sorry for myself? Ya, so I watched it and just loved the message. Don’t give up. This world has some incredible people in it.

Joy that was beautiful,and he is rite never give up!! Made me cry!! omg so touching, his heart is beautiful and a gift to all of us,thanks for posting this,I needed it!!

Joy i just watched it, really puts things into perspective, think that’ll keep me quiet for a while. ‘DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY’

Hi Joy, Hadn’t heard back from ya,but see your are still here,YEAH!!! I am glad that you shared such a good positive thing here,going to check it out…
Britt came home today with her Marine boyfriend (or Not??? They had actually broken up) to say hi…She was driving and being her normal self with that big smile of her’s.She hadn’t had a headache lately either!!! Now if we could only stay in the moment,LOL…
What have you all been up too?? Ready for the holidays to arrive? My oldest son just told me that they are expecting #2.My 2nd oldest son just had a little girl and then my oldest daughter is ready to have her 3rd in 3 weeks or so…Man I feel old all of a sudden,LOL… But they are such a joy to keep up with!!!
Let me know how your doing okay!!!