Insurance woes

ugh. I am worried sick about insurance. My husband was laid off recently- our
insurance ended on Dec 8th. We will be electing COBRA for me- but they
still haven’t sent the info. I’ve called numerous times but they keep
telling me it will take time. My worry is, I go back to Mayo first week
of January- hopefully I will be getting my first Angio then. What if
Mayo refuses to do the angio because the COBRA isn’t active yet?!? I
just want this angio so I know what is going on :-/ Does anyone have experience with this?

and to make matters worse, I just found out that our COBRA provider will be changing as of Dec 31st to blue cross. My appointment is Monday, January 3rd!!! So I won’t even receive the paperwork from blue cross until after that. I know that COBRA coverage is retroactive, but blue cross requires pre-certification for procedures. Great. How am I suppose to have the angio if I can’t precertify. Argh. I think I will go back to bed.

I wish I could give you answer…Call Mayo and explain what you are going through and ask them what you should do…I will pray that they give you a great answer!