Is anyone left paralyzed or suffer severe weakness after a bleed?

my mom is really working on getting her left side back to normal and I was wondering if other people are going through the same thing?

Hi! My daughter was very weak after her bleed. We don’t know if it was due to spending a month in bed, the extreme weight loss she suffered, or damage from the bleed. Her legs were paralyzed for several days and she gradually recovered the use of them. When we brought her home she could walk about 100 yards with her walker and then would be exhausted. She recovered pretty quickly and was able to run within 3 months of leaving the hospital. But she still tired easily and was weak. Children heal more quickly than adults, so it will probably just take time. I hope you and your mom are doing well.

It really depends on the location of the AVM and how quickly the person gets to the ER after the bleed starts. Check out and for stories of AVM bleed survivors who have successfully recovered from serious bleeds - including Jason’s several months in a coma.

My son was in acoma for 5 days after his brain bleed and had several surgeries afterwords to correct damage. he was left very weak and took along time to get strength back. he now also suffers from rubral (sp?) tremors after the bleed. but still suffers weakness a few years later. But I agree with others I think it depends on where your bleed was and how severe the clasiffied it.

My Brother just suffered a bleed and currently experiencing the same symptoms also without the ability to speak. How is your Mom today? I pray there has been improvement. My search started with "Dancemom" who gave me a list of stories I might find helpful. I hope to hear from you.