Is anyone taking Lamotrigine/Lamictal?

Hi, i take lamotrigine/lamictal for my epilepsy that my AVM kindly gave me :wink:
I am wondering if anyone has regular blood tests, ie; liver function tests etc?. …if so, how often do you have bloods done please?. My gp seems to be in the stone age regarding any knowledge with AVM’s, any problems i have he always asks ‘me’ what it is lol…hmm (the mind boggles!).
Hope you all had a great healthy weekend xxxx

I am taking 500 Lamical a day and I have liver function tests every 6 months, my GP surgery arranges this for me and lets me know if the levels are OK
Because I am taking a high dose my Neurologist says it is important to check levels regularly.

Thanks Kev, it seems i need to get the 'rocket ’ out again for my gp to wake him up!!!
I feel so let down with my gp, yet i don’t know how to express my concerns to him.
Has your liver showed any raised levels Kev?

There is no actual level for lamictal. Like Keppra, you don’t need blood work. There is a very large range that the company mentions. Something ludicrous like 4.0-18.0. Although it say’s “there is no therapeutic range or toxic level have been established”. That’s why it normally doesn’t get checked.
I have to “remind” my neuro. that I have some spare blood & it might be wise to test a few drugs. I take 400mg lamictal. I had been on 600mg’ @ one time w/ my other sz drugs & let me tell ya…:wink: