Is it ok to excercise?

I was told by one doctor not to excercise, bend over, or weight lift. I went to another doctor last week and he told me it is ok to excercise softly, what is soft exercise? I gained over 50 pounds over the past year, mainly from steroids but now I am trying to lose weight now but so far I have only lost 20lbs. Does anyone have a good way to safely lose weight by diet and excercise?

Do you enjoy walking? Can you walk for five minutes out andfive minutes back? As I am told it is still the best start. Add five minutes every time, walk a bit faster as you feel up to it, alwaysrelaxed steady pace. Can add ankle and wrist weight or carry small water bottles. Chair strength and toning exercises great for most backache pain as well as posture and core strengthening. ALWAYS check with DOC first. Many sites on line for FREE ideas and programs. Muscle mass will replace body fat but steroids are always a bit known to work out on their own. Do you drink enough water? Yogurt and fruits and veggies as you know work wonders for many. Please don’t forget the protien you need.

Hello Brenda, doing some gentle excercise is absolutely fine I think, as long as you don’t put too great a strain on yourself.
What Marianne said about core strengthening is very important to improve your posture and balance. Someone at the hospital recommended Cesar therapy to me, that’s a Dutch invention but I wish people all over the planet knew about it! Most of the information you can find online is in Dutch but here are a couple of articles in English if you want to look into it:

Soft excercise for losing weight, doesn’t that sound great? If you find one please let me know; I’m always put off excercising by the fear of more pain!
Cycling is a good way to get fitter, but with my balance playing up at the wrong moments I have had several bike accidents in the last 5 years. These days I make sure I have some nice straight empty roads to ride on LOL
One thing that I have definitely found is that the more I excercise and get my muscles moving, the better I feel. Unfortunately muscles are heavier than fat or unused body tissue, so as my muscles wasted away over the years I lost quite a bit of weight. At the height of 173 cm I’m now lighter than I was at the age of 14: 63½ kg! As happy as I could be about my ‘ideal weight’ I am anything but fit, and in pain most of the time. I tend to forget to do my excercises regularly, or am I just too lazy…

What your doctor said about not bending over or lifting weight was probably meant in a relative sense… if you do it slowly and in a controlled way keep your back straight, and if you don’t put any extra strain on your head by overdoing things, it should be safe. At least that’s what Dr. Lo said to me last time we spoke! Check with your doctor if you can get a hold of him.

I have just taken advantage of a free 2-week gym membership at a place down the road from here. At first I feared that with my poor body condition I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, so to speak… but I decided to jump right in there, tell them what’s going on and that I need help with this. Surprisingly or not, the staff DO look at what the individual person needs, and they DO try to find the best excercises for me that don’t put a strain on my head but still get my body on the right track. So I’m hopeful.
I tell you what Brenda, it’s more important to feel comfortable in your body than to be super slim and feather light. I have learned that much in the last few years, mostly with the help of psychotherapy at the psychiatric unit of the local hospital, when my problem was still safely tucked away between my ears and didn’t have a name.
As for a diet suggestion I can only think of giving up meat and eating more fish instead! Oh, and no white bread. Whole grains and brown rice are great.
I hope this essay makes any sense to you, sorry it turned out so long! Take care now


I was told that i caould exercise. I just couldn’t lift anything over my head or go diving head first in a swimming pool.

Brenda I was always told to watch what type of excercise I do and not to lift anything over 20lbs. Over the years my weight has been up and down my highest weight being 173lbs. I am only 5’1". I did speed walking (1/2 hour every day). Of course I worked my way up to this slowly but I lost alot of weight. During the cold months I used a treadmill. I am not much of a bread eater so that helps. It did not help with the migraines/headaches but hey I had them anyway. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day too. Just drinking your water is great for weight loss.

Hi all pilates i just bought the girls a pilates machine from QVC verry good machine not to stressfull very easy on the head and the instructor said it was good for 20 to 90years of age so you could try this way its very relaxing but get rid of my beer belly…;+) oh you get free dvd’s on how to work out from beginers to more experienced quite a few levels you’’ will enjoy it…

I thank you for everyone that responded to my excercise discussion, I am going to try walking slowly and work my way up. My son got me hip hop abs…lol, I don’t know if I should try that one until I get use to excercising. My neurologist had told me when I first found out about my AVM that I shouln’t get my heart rate over 135. That is hard when your out of shape because my heart rate get’s high quick. I am also trying to quick smoking so hopefully I don’t gain to much weght from that.

Hi Brenda
wot about swimming, that should be ok i think. Think i’m gonna treat myself to the Wii Fit for Xmas as i’ve gained about 40 pounds since last xmas and i don’t fancy going to the gym far to many skinny healthy people there :slight_smile: