Is there any need to see a psychiatrist?

I get mood swings I am a high functioning bleed survivor with ‘a few gaps in my life.’ I won’t go into what they are as I can walk, talk etc but there are still things missing that I can’t do and don’t or won’t have. I always feel better after I’ve slept. It is quite normal for the following to happen every four weeks or so:

1.) The housework doesn’t get done at all.
2.) The food in the house gets out of control and goes mouldy as I forget to eat it.
3.) I get extremely low, angry and depressed, pretty rock bottom.

I always come out the other end though, but it has been suggested that I would benefit from seeing a brain/mind dr again. I heard that people with brain injury find it harder to ‘see the wood for the trees’ ie appreciate what they have.

Any thoughts?


Hi Flower!
The decision to see a therapist, counselor or pschiatrist is a personal one. From what I’ve read it can only help having someone to talk to that understands and helps you process your feelings while you’re on this journey. However, make sure whoever you decide to see understands AVMs, or at least what you are going through as a result. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions of anyone you choose to see. That’s the big difference I see between traditional counseling and what’s needed by folks coping with the effects of AVMs. You can also do a search by typing “psychiatry” in the upper right-hand search box.

Yes, I did have an AVM and it was nothing but life changing for me. As a result, although I have a business and technology background and have been working in the field for almost two decades, I want to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) for the state of Texas and help others in any way I can. Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

I had an AVM removed in 1959. I am now 61, and have seen psychiatrists or counselors most of my life after I was 21. I see a wonderful woman now, and I am so thankful for her. She was the first person to connect all the strange things I thought about myself with the brain surgery. Just knowing that made a huge difference in me. But, it is a personal decision. I need to talk about stuff, and I'd rather not bore the family.