Is this a panic attack?

Yesterday I was sitting up at the front desk and felt my heart start speeding up. I calmed myself down because I was scared I was about to have a seizure. Every time I have had a mild seizure that I didn’t go unconscious my heart started beating really fast and hard before it happened. My heart slowed and I thought I had it beat then it started back and I had a funny feeling in my head. My boss was right across from me in his office. I after sometime I was like alright go ahead and try and call his name. You don’t want a donor to come in and you be like this. So I did finally get his name out. He rolled me in the chair away from the front until I felt better. When I closed my eyes I would feel dizzy. It went away though. Could it have been a panic attack?

Melissa....The same thing happens to me...I was told that they are simple seizures.

you think this could have been a seizure? Anyone else had the same experience?

Do you see a neuro-epilepsy doctor? I told mine about how I felt and she called it a simple seizures..BUT you need to talk to your doctor...The symptoms are so much alike it could be a panic attack.

How long is the recovery period. It passed way quicker than most experiences I have had. I was trembling , but I could talk when usually I can’t. My right side seem to be a little weaker than usual but could stand up after a few minutes although I had to move pretty slow.

I have been seeing a Neuro doctor here locally. I see him again in July.

Good....Just have to say tho...not all every day neuro doctors understand us. If you feel that your doctor isn't understanding, send me a message.

Do you know how long yours would last and if so what type of symptoms did you have or deficits.

I'll tell you about the one I had 3 months ago....I was walking into my kitchen when I started feeling very hot. Then my heart started beating like crazy...Then I laid down...didn't pass out...but thought I was going to...Loud ringing in my ears...couldn't talk, couldn't think.. It lasted about 5 minutes, but I still couldn't talk or think well for quite a while. I live with my daughter and I couldn't tell her for about an hour.

I've explained this to my neuro-ep doctor and she called it a simple seizure.

I've also contacted the Epilepsy Foundation and they are extremely helpful....Here is the way to contact them.

Again…it could be a panic attach as well…because they have the same symptoms…