It has been a while

Wow it’s been forever since I have been here. Things are not slowing down for us. We have had in August and this month over 10 doctors appt. Thank God they were
All follow ups. Beth will be getting wheelchair in 3 months. And the best news of all is that her left hand is opening up!!! We have been doing allot of e-stem on her hands. You can see her opening up lefty and closing while it’s shocking her. Righty not as much. She will tighten the right hand. I am sooooo happy with that! On the sad side. She will need another surgery. They need to remove her clip and they will tie off the AVM. They told us it could complicate her healing and of course if we go anywhere and we need an MRI they wont do it because of the clip. Other then that she is doing GREAT! She finally is giving us kisses and hugs ( that has not happen since she got sick). She is moving around on the ground. Still not rolling but can twist and turn. Her speech is also coming back. Right now when you ask her if she loves us she says NO…lol that’s the favorite word. Her eating is getting better. Still on pediasure. Oh and she s growing like a weed. Next week she will be 19 months. I just can’t believe how time has flown by and she gets stronger by the day. I am very proud to be Bethany’s Mom!!! I forgot to give the update on her nails and sleeping. Her nails have grown back! She has not bothered them at all. Her sleeping, oh we are finally getting so sleep. Very happy with all her progress :slight_smile:

Veronica - Its always great to see positive progress reports on here. Sounds like your daughter is really progressing. You sound like a great loving mom and Bethanny is sooooo lucky to have you in her corner. All the best. Continue to keep us posted.

Thank you Debra! I feel blessed to have her. She has taught me so much about life and I am very thankful for her!

That's great news, Veronica. We're so happy to hear that Bethany is doing well. Let us know when she is past her next surgery.