It's been a while


Just wanted to update you all. It's been a long while since April and my legs are worse then they used to be. They now burn and I have pretty extreme fatigue. Today have had 2 naps. I am lowering Keppra dose w/ Docs approval to see if it helps, so far it's not helping.

How bad has your fatigue been since surgery? I need to find a way to help my fatigue but having no luck. I sleep a lot and my kids need me so it's a hard balance. Thanx

Hi Heidi,

It must be hard to keep up with the kids while you're stull recovering from the surgery. I don't remember having pain after my surgery on the AVM in my neck, but it took me about six months to regain the use of my arm. I don't remember it burning, but I know that everything I did was painful. When the pain got really bad, I took hydrocodone that the doctor prescribed after my surgery.

Hope you can find something that helps.

Take care,

Thanx Debbie, I still take some medications if I need them, it works for a short while. How are you doing now? Thanx for your comment

Heidi, the only symptoms I hve are some occasionalnumbness in myface and some weakness in my left arn. Other than that, I'm OK. Hope some day you can say the same.