It's getting worse

Like many of you, I’ve had trouble typing, but it is getting so much worse. I don’t know if it is because of these bad headaches I’be een hafving all week or what. My left fingers atr also more numb lately. It’s also raining a lot, so that’s not helping my head. H as anyone’s hands gottrn worse before threy had a bleed?

Hi, Connie-
When I had the bleed my right arm & fingers were non functional. As the blood was drained it got better, but I still feel weakness at times.
You should get it checked out and/or call your neuro.

Connie, your headaches have gone on to long, get it checked,from the last storm and your vacation, now hand problems on top of it all, please go get a check up ok,let me know how you are doing ok:) Caroline

Connie!!! I’m super worried…
And it’s probably cause I’m a “no-brainer” and don’t know all the signs and am as dumb as non-AVMer’s when it comes to the brain ones. But all of that sounds scary! I hope you get it checked out and that everything is ok!

Connie…I honestly don’t remember having any trouble typing before the bleed (and it was my job…but after the bleed my left side was useless…but getting little by little better with time.
I do think you should get it checked out…please!! Got me worried…let us know how you’re doing!! love, carolyn

Thank you all for your concern. I have an appointment with my neuro next Monday on 9/15.

Hi Connie…glad to hear you have an appointment…I know life gets very busy for us mom’s but you have to take time out and take care of yourself…your family needs you…and so do we!!
I hope everything checks out ok and your dr. has some answers for you…keep us posted and take care!
Love Denise

Hey Connie
Lets us know how your app went with nuero, we are all thinking of you. Take Care x

UPDATE: I went to see my neuro today. He’s sending me for a bunch of tests: MRA of head, MRI with & without contrast of brain, MRI OF thorasic spine, MRI of cervical spine, and EMG.

Such good news! I’m glad to hear that you are getting the tests done! Now I’ll keep my fingers crossed that nothing is wrong with you…well nothing more than the obvious crazy lunatic stuff!!! :slight_smile:

Connie I actually had a bleed multiple times…and I didnt have any problems with my mobility or anything. So I am not sure…its a really good thing that your getting some tests done to see what is exactly going on. I am praying for you!

Good for you Connie, it’s taken them long enough to decide to do the tests.
I hope they find out wot the problem is and can fix it for sure
Take Care xoxox

Thank you, Amanda. BTW, tomorrow is the day I go talk to the surgeon about setting up the surgery for my shoulder. Wish me luck!

Good luck Connie! Let us know the results of your tests!
Take care. xxx

Hi Connie!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on here. My husband has been declining in the last year. I notice that his balance is off (falls are more frequent), he’s lost important documents, and his hands and arms are more club like? It seems his muscles contract till he can’t get his hands to let go of things. He does experience numbness. Rain certainly doesn’t help. He’s on Klonapin now. I’ve noticed some changes, but we’re still looking out for that one that will make him feel more “normal”.

I hope your appointment went well. Keep us all updated! :slight_smile:

UPDATE 9/27/08

I got the reults of all those MRIS and MRAs yesterday…DOC SAYS NO CHANGE. While I am relieved that the AVM hasn’t grown, I would really like an answer to why I am feeling so awful. I’m sleeping so much, and when I’m not, my head hurts so much.