January appointment!

Well after having my angio I thought I would get answers about treatment etc. Was told I would have to wait up till 6 weeks for an appointment which I thought was a long time. Anyway 6 weeks came and went so after 7 I phoned, was told a date would be sent out, letter came Saturday appointment date January 7th! (checked if it was 2010 not 2011)
Now writing more angry letters and EMails
If I wait till January it will be 15 months since my bleed with no proper diagnose or treatment plan.

Kevin- don’t know about the UK but here in the US your medical records are yours. Get a copy and find a doctor who will look at them. Also, be persistent. Stay on the phone. Get names, call back committments, follow-up. It shouldn’t be that way but it can be. You should not have to wait. In fact, while I was on the table during the angio, I asked the radiologist to show me where the AVM was. He gladly did.