Just me and Audrey checking in

I am officially on vacation as of 4PM today! AND it is the first time since I went back to work a little over a year ago that I do not have a medical appt or procedure scheduled. You may think that's not much but I have been with the company for a long time and earn more time off than I can finds things to do. That all changed when Audrey decided to make herself known.
Anyway...taking a few days and heading north to Door County. I love it there in the summer but have never been there in the Fall. I'm hoping the apples are ready. My trees are too young to yield well. The few that did grow were good but made us hungry for more..fresh pies and applesauce...yum!!!
Then on the 27th (a Friday) I have a 'date' with 3 guys, a gal and a Gamma Knife. The GK team thinks I'm a good candidate 'cuz Audrey is not too big and is in a good place as to not damage other areas of my brain (no chance of losing my eyesight). They seem to think I won't have much side effects but they did tell me I might experience some facial swelling due to the anesthetic used to numb the areas for the pin screws. It migrates down before it dissipates. And because of where Audrey is located, I might lose a little hair on the back of my head. I'm okay with this. (and no I didn't ask about turning green as my fear from my last blog). I am expecting to return to work on Monday, at least that's what the docs told me and I told my boss.
Time to say good night...wish me luck with my 'date'. I'll probably be back to tell you how it went. Enjoy your day!!!

I'm hoping this is your first and only date with Audrey, and that you find a better partner, djs! Best wishes to you.