Just to lighten the mood sometimes

So I’ve decided that my angiogram scars on my neck are a great conversation starter. You know, “is that a snake bite?”, or perhaps “did you get attacked by a baby vampire?”

One of the funniest comebacks I’ve ever heard was from a guy I used to work with. He had somehow slipped or stepped off the tailgate of his pickup and wrenched his knee. He came to work Monday on crutches, not able to put any weight on the bad knee. When asked (by everyone!) WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?,

He calmly looked at the questioner and said flatly, “It was a sexual incident and I’d rather not discuss it.”

Ron, KS

My AVM was just diagnosed this past April & my students knew I had something going on & that it involved my brain. I had GK in June & Crani in July (for aneurysms, not the AVM), so when school started back a month ago, I showed the crani scar to some of the kids I taught last year & told them to docs had to check to make sure I had a brain.

how did you get an angiogram scar?

I had an angiogram to diagnose my uterine AVM where they went through both the femoral and jugular. Then 10 days later, I had a second one along with an embolization so I have 2 tiny incisions on my neck and groin.

Hi Sarah. There is a laughter and humor sub-group on here…
We definitely need you in that group…hehehe!!!