Just venting

On monday I prayed for my sister and got very emotional. I told her yesterday i was crying because i missed her and she was confused why. Boy this is harder then i thought. I really miss my sister. I am so use to calling her to talk about nothing. We would Facetime on our phones and for hours. They other day i wanted to call her so bad. I know she is recovering from a bleed but i just wish her memory was good. I wish she were able to hold a conversation. I am greatful she is no longer in coma or on a ventilator but I just miss having my sister around. As the days go by it does get easier but its not easy. I just pray to god her memory comes back so i can call her and talk. I think if she understand what was going on it would make things easier on the family because it would just be like she is in the hospital getting better…

Boy this sucks. I understand first hand what many families went through or are going through. Its hard…


First of all know that its ok to feel what you feel. It’s nothing but frustrating to say the least from my experience and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. No your sister probably doesn’t know what going on right now and it must be really hard on the family. But its heartwarming to know that your sister is not alone and that she’s loved no matter what. Hold onto that. I’m definitely not a doctor but love goes a long way and it’ll only help your sister. As far as your phone conversations? She may never be the same but you two can always work on that together. Stay positive and we’ll always be here for you every step of the way. :slight_smile:

thanks so much for the warm words. I pray she returns to normal. She is my big sister and the glue to our family. I also believe love goes a long, not to long ago she was saying that she is very blessed and resently she was saying how loved she is. Definately a hard time. I feel so guily doing anything fun just knowing she is in the hospital. My mom keeps telling me to enjoy my life because we are not mourning, but its hard. She is having a angio today and the doctor says he wants to do at least 2 more after this one before surgery. I just cant wait till she is AVM free and we can start all over again and put the past behind us.

Hi Kneenah, your big sister will be back and she will be feeling even more blessed as she recovers with ALL of the love and support YOU and your family is showing her right now!!! I can share with you my own personal experience and know that it was so very hard on my family to see me in the state I was in when I had my bleed. After I got out of the hospital, I know my family just wanted me to be back to who I was before learning of my AVM and I told them that that person is never coming back and there is an even better person to come out at the end of this battle :))! It’s been six months now and I’m not the same person that I was, however, enjoy my family even moreso now and am grateful to have had their love and support thru this terrifying trial. Please hang in there, keep your spirits high and know that your sister is healing and you’ll have an even stronger sisterly bond when you work together to put this behind all of you!!!

As Suzy said, your AVM family is here for you!!!


Thanks. I am going to see her today after work. I have to stop and buy her some detangler sprays. Her hair is a big knot lol poor baby. I havent seen her since tuesday. My mom and her husband said she looked great. She had her second angio on wednesday and they were able to glue 80% of the avm. Monday they will glue more and wednesday she’ll have it removed. I am excited for her to surgery of course also scared but these doctors have erned my trust. She is beginning to remember alot of things like her address. She is asking question her husband told her she had a aneurysm just because she isnt going to understand a AVM just yet… I cant wait to see her. She has been asking for me… I cant wait till she recovers. At first they said she will have surgery in Novemeber but since her Angio went so well they said she is ready now… Yayayay…

My prayers are being heard…


That great Nina! Hang in there girl. Your sister is one lucky lady to have a sis like you. :slight_smile: