Just wanted to say hi to everyone and ask about coiling

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, I am doing much better going in for my next mri next month so fingers crossed they have discovered 2 more avms and I heard about a proceedure called coiling to prevent the other 2 rupturing so was wondering if any have heard about that also let me know how you all are doing

Hi Blake, I heard of it, but that is not what I had so I can’t say much about it from experience.

I’m glad you are feeling better.


Hello Blake .
Coiling - to the best of my recollection and knowledge - is an embolization procedure to stop the process of blood flow . If you type in coiling you will find a brain anuerism site that has a short video of the procedure .

Hi Blake, glad to hear you are feeling better. As for coiling, I looked it up as one of my options before I had the angiogram and was told surgery would be best. Everything I found was in reference to aneurysms but I imagine it is much the same process for an avm. Basically like an angiogram or Embolization a catheter is placed into the femoral artery up in to the AVM/Aneurysms where platinum coils are threaded in to the AVM blocking or reducing the blood flow to it. Here is a link that will explain it better. Good luck with the mri.

Andrew had some coiling. It is sprial metal coils that they block the vessel with. When the AVM doesn’t get blood it dies off. If the vessel is to large they can’t block it because the blood flow will carry the coils to the lungs. With Andrew the coiling reduced the size, but did not eliminate the AVM. Some of the small areas they used glue. Andrew got headaches, but who knows if it was from the coiling or the glue or the AVM. I googled it at one time and found some sites that showed the procedure. Glad to here you’re doing well.

Hey Blake! I have tons of coils. My doc uses them on the vessels that are too large to safely inject the alcohol (too high flow of blood) and then later goes back and does the alcohol on top of it once the blood flow has been reduced or stopped.

And like everyone has said, it’s just a bunch of metal (platinum or titanium) shoved up into the vessels. You can check out my slide show on my website to see some great pics of the metal in my face!


I tell everyone that when this is all said and done, I’m gonna melt that platinum down and make some keepsake jewlery! ha!!! Gotta get what you paid for, right? :slight_smile:

Glad you are feeling well.

Thanks guys for your imput, Good to hear from you all