Just wondering

Have any of you just started to have your emotions change on their own? I know where my AVM was effects my emotions. But I don’t like how i can’t control them. Like, I was happy a few minutes ago, and now I can’t stop thinking about bad things that scare me. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m tired of randomly feeling pain. When I know all these things are behind me and I shouldn’t worry about any of it. It bothers me.

Brooke, I’ve had that happen to me at first. Tell everything to the person you are going to see next week. There are meds that can help you get through this. Perhaps your Mom should talk to the neuro doc you are seeing too. My hope is that once they take that darn AVM away from you…things will get much better. Stay strong, sweet girl! What did you do last night that was so much fun? Hope you had a great time with your friends!

I have the same thing when i come out after treatment and i know how you mean bad things,
When i went back i was told its due to shock to the system and then brain will play games with myself.
But i found on the 4th treatment “Dexamethasone” was missing from the normal meds and found i did not feel like that this time, personaly i think it was something to do with the medication that caused the feelings and the horried Ideas,
If you are on tabets please please go and see your GP explain how you feel and how worried as you have never felt like this in your life, ask him/her to review your meds to check you are not getting a effect from them, i would like to add i only had the crazy feelings until the meds ended and my GP feels it was Dexamethasone that was playing with my emotions, If you are not on any meds still see your GP they will help you, your gp knows you have had a stressful time and will help you, i was worried about talking to my GP about it, But i found a new person in my GP he was understanding and was quick to sort the issue out,

I wish you all the best you are not alone but keep your GP informed as its also a learning point for them as AVMs are not as common as belived,

fingers crossed for you

I agree with the other comments on here. One thing I would do in your situation is to make a list of the positive and happy things in your life. Starting with…you are pretty…young…intelligent…a fighter/survivor etc. Refer to the list when you are feeling down or scared. People obviously like you!! Good things can happen after bad things happen to you. Think of all the AVM survivors on here who care about you now. People around the world…I bet not too many of your classmates can say the same!