Just wondering

we have all heard of cancer patients who go into spontaneous remission from their tumors or are successful using non-traditional, holistic cancer treatments. Has anyone ever had that happen with an AVM? I know AVMs and cancer are not the same but I was just curious? Kim

This isi just a guess…but I 'm assuming by keeping one’s blood pressure very low using holistic methods, you could reduce the risk of a bleed…Going against my own theory, I was in the shower when mine bled, very relaxed, so I think it would have bled eventually regardless of the pressure put on the blood vessels…it just doesn’t seem like the type of thing that can be treated naturally.

I would certainly never say it could happen, but I would think it is rare. Your body could probably fight cancer cells easier than it could correct circulation issues. Certainly better lifestyle/holistic treatments should minimize any collateral damage from an AVM.

For instance, and I have no way of knowing if Dad was born with it, or developed it, but following a heart attack, the Drs discovered he had other vessels that were helping circulation around blocked arteries. My daughter an occupational therapist said just cuz the medical books say you have X number of one thing located in one spot, is no guarantee your body has that exact number in that exact spot. She said that was a challenge in med school!

Best wishes,
Ron, KS