Keep Sarah in your prayers

hi everyone, tomorrow Sarah goes in for her avm surgery,please keep her in your prayers, im worried , but I know God is with her, thanks Caroline

Sarah will be in my prayers also.Carolyn

Sarah is already in my prayers, Caroline, as are you.

Dear God:
Please watch over Sarah tomorrow & make her well. Bless Sarah & the doctors who are entrusted with her care. Amen. from, Kimberly

Everything will be alright. I will pray for her too. Please keep us posted. xx

My thoughts and prayers are with Sarah, thanks Caroline.

Lee Ann

I will keep Sarah and you in my prayers Caroline.

Absolutely, I’ll be praying for Sarah!


Our prayers are with you all…best of health and happiness to you all.

Hi Caroline, how did it go? I hope Sarah had a successful operation and is recovering well!

I wish I knew, I have not heard a word, her boyfriend was to post for her, nothing yet, I will let ya know soon as I hear, if you do before me,please let me know ok…thank you so much, how are you doing?

Has anyone heard anything of Sarah? I haven’t been online very much at all in the last month, and don’t know.

Hi Emily, I talk to her just about every day, she had the surgery to remove the avm, and is doing super, email her, she would love to hear from you, Sarah is getting better everyday, and so positive, I admire her so much, so positive, Caroline

Thank you everyone for your prayers! I am recovering well- I go back on September 8th to see my surgeon and I think he will be excited to see my progress. No speech, occupational, and physical therapy since I did very well in my evaluations. Thanks to prayer and a great surgeon. You all are very special!

I"m so very happy for you, Sarah!

Hi Sarah
I only just caught this thread now. Great news! So happy for you!

me too, thank GOD

Sarah, I’m so happy to hear everything went well. I hope the rest of your recovery goes just as well.