Keppra vs gingivitis

I am taking Keppra 750 mg, phenytoin 100 mg in the morning and evening for more than 6 months i have gingivitis. is it because of Keppra (Levetiracetam)?

I don't have gum problems with Keppra, but I did before when I was on gabapentine and phenytoin.

i was taking phenytoin around one year during that time i do not have this problem, i had seizure once then doctor advised to take keppra 750 mg in the morning and evening, after 3 months i have problem like gum problems and hairfall started.

It's a common side effect of the dilantin(phenytoin).

My mother had to take Dilantin for years, since she was a child. This caused her to loose all of her teeth. Well actually she had numerous abscesses and had to have them pulled. But pretty sure the gum disease started because of the Dilantin. Hope the Keppra doesn't cause it too because that is what I am on.

gingivitis? blame the phenytoin