Lacey's Surgery Postponed

Hello Everyone

the surgery has been postponed until Monday, or maybe another date

The hospital called about 1PM and left a message on Lacey’s phone message service.

She finally was able to get a hold of the hospital and was told that emergency surgeries came in and her operation had to postponed while they attended to the emergency surgery that had arrived.


So so sorry… it wasn’t meant to be that day but I feel your anticipation… I will keep you still in prayer…its the waitng that is tough…so so srorry… keep strong and keep the faith!

Thank You, Yes we will keep the fate, it just means someone is in more need of her surgeon than her, I would that someone to get there surgery first, God Bless

That must be so difficult to deal with. I"m sorry you had a delay. I hope you’ll be rescheduled and back on track soon.

I know it is hard to wait. You get yourself geared up for it emotionally. However, at least you can be glad that you are in an “elective” surgery position, instead of “emergency.” That is why you are able to wait, and that is not a bad place to be, given the alternative! Hope the next date sticks.

Hello Susan and Hea’s Mom

Thank you Susan you are correct it is much better position, and we are happy that someone was able to get the emergency surgery that they needed, It’s been a long two months and we have come a long way we havw much to be grateful for, Thank for yoiur friendship we are grateful for that as well