Lasting effects of AVM/Craniotomy/Gamma knife

Hi everyone,

I am 3.5 years post craniotomy after my AVM ruptured. I am almost 3 years post Gamma knife surgery. I have made a remarkable recovery and am working full time. However, I would like to ask others out there with a similar story to mine what lasting affects have you been left with?

For me although I physically look fine I am still left with severe tiredness, anxiety and stress. I am currently off work with the last two symptoms. I thought I had coped beautifully with what happened to me but over 3 years on I am struggling more than ever. I have put over 3 stone on and have no self esteem or confidence. I am currently having counselling and it has come down to that I have never really dealt with what happened to me.

I had a sudden violent headache and awoke weeks later after having emergency surgery. It took some time before they diagnosed an AVM. As I said earlier I have made a fabulous recovery, far better than I was told I would so why am I still suffering these symptoms so long after the fact?

The outcome of my Gamma Knife surgery will be revealed in June 2015. I have a right frontal lobe AVM that is sitting on my optic nerve. I do still have headaches but I suspect these are stress related.

Has anyone else out there suffered these symptoms since they had their ops?

Thanks for ready guys

XXX Yvonne

I've had my surgery 4 years ago and I look fine but I get anxiety, tiredness, panic, heat and cold sensitivity, sharp pains, headaches, seizures, forgetful, out of body experiences, "stupid" feeling, once in a while stutter and loss for words (simple things too) I haven't gone to see anyone about it yet but depression is big and crying at times is too. If I try and tell my family they are like your better you got it fixed. So I don't have that support. I thought I was crazy making it all up but then I realized I'm not alone