Latest Ultrasound

Hello…I had another ultrasound on Friday March 13th. and hubby actually got to go with me. It was so amazing to see how much the baby has grown just since the last 4 weeks! We didnt get to see what we are having yet but go for the big ultrasound at the high risk doctor. It was so funny because the u/s tech was talking about the different organs of the baby that you can see and Eric almost passed out just from hearing about them. haha. it actually cracked me up! I just hope he does better at the next one because they will be looking at EVERYTHING that you can possibly see. So far the all day sickness has gotten better and I have been able to gain back 3 of the 9 pounds that i have lost so far with this. But it still really bothers me at night before bed and also the fatigue has gotten a little better too. There for like 2 weeks I was kind of worried because I didnt feel pregnant anymore…but lol my stomach is growing and there is defintly a baby in there. :slight_smile:

yay Brittany! when is the bog ultrasound? I a so happy that your sickness seems to be getting better, I was exhausted my enire pregnancy and never seeed to get any energy back the entire tie so glad you are feeling better. enjoy this tie it is reallly amazing :slight_smile:

That’s great Brittany. And glad you are feeling a bit better. Enjoy these next 3 months and watch that belly grow and grow! yay baby!

hi brittany,
glad the sickness is getting better enjoy the rest of your pregnancy…youll have to get eric watching some birthing videos…lol…to prepare him for all the blood and goo…i remember watching my mother give birth to my little brother and sister…i passed out at both…i had been to many antinatal classes and watched many videos thought i was prepared…thought i would be fine at my brothers birth because it was 2.5 years after my sisters…but still i was bloody hopless…happy to hear all is going well…continue to take good care of yourself xxx

I’ve been to all three of my wife’s deliveries. During the bloody parts, the guy is holding the woman’s hand and looking at her face. Doesn’t really get to see too much nasty stuff. And just in case, they usually have an extra nurse to keep an eye on the guy. As the nurse said to me on my first one “if you pass out, we don’t want you to get in the way.”

Still, take Eric to the classes to get him ready.

And good luck

Hi Brittany, glad to hear that you’re feeling better, hope everything countinues to improve so you can enjoy your pregnancy. Look’s like a boy to me. (LOL) I think you better prepare Eric for what’s going to come, don’t want him actually passing out. Here in my town they have this station that comes on, it shows women having babies, The station is TLC, here it’s on channel 25. I think it may help Eric, then again after seeing what really goes on, he may not want to deal with it. Tell him it’s a good part of life, and that it’s just magical, something that he just has to be a part of. Gook Luck!

haha you guys are cracking me up saying looks like a “boy” or looks like a “girl” wish we could have had an actual pic of that area then I would let you all have a debate. :slight_smile: