Leading world authority or individual on avms

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just wondered if anyone knew if there is a leading authority, group or individual, whom is at the forefront of avm research, knowledge etc, is there such a thing or person, i know there are top brain surgeons but does anyone specialise in avms, there must be somewhere.

The surgeon who removed my son’s AVM is considered one of the top two neurosurgeons in the country on AVM’s…that’s his specialty…He is involved in research and is brilliant. People told me he has “hands of gold”…and he absolutely does…best decision I ever made. My son’s AVM was large and in an eloquent area of the brain (area of speech,motor skills,short term memory) and was just removed in June of this year. His name is Dr Henry Woo and his associate Dr Dave Fiorella who are located at StonyBrook University Hospital in Stony Brook NY. I’m sure there are other extremely talented surgeons, but these are the ones I was told were the best.

Thanks for sharing! I was told my AVM was inoperable due to size/location-I will need to check Dr. Henry Woo out!

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Some of the top-names of NS on the West Coast that come to mind are:
Dr. Gary Steinberg @ Stanford http://neurosurgery.stanford.edu/patient_care/cerebrovascular.html
Dr. Michael Lawton @ UCSF http://neurosurgery.ucsf.edu/index.php/cerebrovascular_disorders.html
Dr. Neil Martin @ UCLA http://neurosurgery.ucla.edu/
Dr. Robert Spetzler @ BNI http://www.thebarrow.org/index.htm

Due to my brain injury, I cannot read this, however, I hope it answers questions for you.


Dr. Henry Woo’s number at stonybrook university hospital: (631)■■■■■■■■. Good luck!

Hi I have no doubts there is research being done somewhere. Since I am old enough to remember these milestones in Medical Technology…In 1977 the first MRI machine was used. Some hospitals did not even have CAT scan machines in the late 70s. It was not until 1981 that the first MRI machine was actually built for hospital use. In 1988 there was only one in all of Atlanta GA. and it was one dimensional.
GK was first used in the USA in 1987. There were only 5 units worldwide! Proton Beam Radiation was introduced to the States in 1990 by the doctors at Boston Mass General. This was all accomplished since I have been an adult…Can you imagine the discoveries in the next 20 years!
I am still fond of Dr.Barrow and the folks from Emory Univ.


My daughter’s local neurosurgeon referred us to Dr. Gary Steinberg at Stanford. Our local doctor said Dr. Steinberg was the best with AVMs. He just performed my daughter’s third craniotomy. We asked our local neurosurgeon about Steinberg and Barrow, he said Steinberg was the best. I can tell you that Dr. Steinberg used some amazing tools during his surgery on my daughter. I read the operative report – I was amazed.

Good luck!

There is a AVM clinic at Toronto Western Hospital
In Canada. I believe it is the only one I was lucky
Enough to have surgery there.


UVA in charlottesville Is also AMAZING when it comes to AVM research and treatment!!! Dr. Sheehan and Dr. park are the best!!

Hi Barbara,

We were treated at Mass General in 1991 (or 92?) by Dr Kjellberg, who is now deceased. From what I heard, he spent a lot of years overseas doing radiation on monkeys to see how it might work on people. He was a large man, and looked a little like Santa Claus!

We got a strange letter from his office about 6 months after our treatment saying Dr KJ wouldn’t no longer be able to treat us. Nothing else. So since we had this new thing called the Internet, and with a unique name like his, I searched the Boston papers and found his obit. Died of cancer–heard later he chain smoked too.

Our 2nd radiation guru was at Loma Linda (Dr Levy I think). He was a young DR. I asked him if he knew Dr. KJ. Yep, guess they conferred and disagreed a lot. Levy thought KJ wasn’t using strong enough doses, and KJ thought Levy was using too strong. For us, KJ’s didn’t work after two yrs, so we had to do plan B.

Ron, ks

I haven’t heard those names for a long time! :slight_smile:
I ??think?? Dr. Levy used to work with the late Dr. Jacob Fabrikant - another GREAT neuroscientist!

Hi Bosco1,

Who was the other neurosurgeon, besides Dr. Woo, considered to be tops in the country for treating AVMs?



Hello Tina,

I was wondering if you also looked in to UCSF (Dr. Michael Lawton) before deciding on Stanford (Dr. Gary Steinberg). I have to undergo brain AVM surgery in the next few weeks and I am not able to decide which way to go - Dr Lawton or Dr Steinberg. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Patti,

I have to undergo brain AVM surgery in the next few weeks and I am not able to decide which way to go - Dr Lawton or Dr Steinberg. Any help will be appreciated.