Left Medial Temporal AVM - Gamma-Knife or Surgery?

Dear Group Members (and anyone else who can help),

I am looking for advice again.

After learning back in April that my 13 years old daughter has an AVM (no bleeding!), I saw specialists first in Atlanta then in Boston. Drs. in Atlanta are recommending Gamma-Knife or other radiation based procedure, but the Dr. in Boston recommends surgery. I was told both options are well stablished and proven methods of treating AVMs so it is a matter of which method we're all more comfortable with... yet it is still a big decision to make! So, my questions to the group are:

1 - Has any of you dealt with a Left Medial Temporal AVM (my daughter's AVM is 1 to 2 centimeters big - less than an inch)? What was your experience treating it?

2 - What avenue should I pursue for treatment Radiation or Surgery? Comments on statistics, success rate, long term consequences, etc. are all very welcome.

3 - What other resources may I use to guide me through this heart-breaking decision?

Again I thank you for any comment or advice you give.

May God bless you all!

Adrian, my AVM was on the left temporal lobe as well. I was treated by the AVM specialists at Mass General. My question is what hospital in Boston gave you the surgery option? I am a true believer of Mass General’s AVM team.

Adrian, go on the AVM Survivor chat line so we can talk.

Louisa, we’re going to Children’s Hospital of Boston.
Did you do radiation or surgery? Any long term consequences? My daughter’s AVM is pretty deep inside her brain.

Hi Adrian my avm is located in the left temporal lobe started out at 5 cm and a 5 on the avm scale (forgot the name). Also believe it has 4 different feeders. My 2 neuro avm docs said to me back in 2006 that there was no way they would go in surgically. I have had 2 embolizations 3/2007 and 4/2007) and 2 gamma knives (6/2007 and 11/2010). I was also told again in october 2010 that if I had a bleed and they needed to go in I would not come out the same. That scared me even though they said the same thing 4 yrs before that it was like hearing it for the first time. I would say go with the radiation, but I had a husband to consider and a 3 yrs old son. I didnt want to risk the surgery at all. The radiation takes longer but it was the best choice for me.