Left over bood

My brother had a bleed in his face in Oct 2010 and we are left with blood the size of a football after embolizim was done to stop the bleeds, the doctors say to give it time and the body will take absorb it, this is not helpful with being able to function in society because he constantly drools and has to eat with a syringe, is there any advise as to a way to get rid of the blood to speed up the process

Laura- I’m slightly confused with what your docs have told you guys. Blood left “inside” the tissue of his face should reabsorb itself by the body. It’s basically a hematoma at that point and little proteins or something eat away at it and break it down into his body’s system. And I can’t imagine it would take a year. I don’t know for sure what the time frame would be, but unless there was a problem with the system that goes in and destroys/absorbs the blood…well I just think it sounds odd. But to actually anwer your question- I know of NO way to make the body process that left over blood any faster than it does. The only option I think would exist would to be surgically removing it if needed. And that seems drastic and potentially hazardous to his face and any AVM that is still there. Do you know if he has any issues with wound healing due to the blood flow patterns of the AVM? Why haven’t the docs recommended surgically removing/draining it?
Why do they say the mass is left over blood? It would seem more logical that the mass is the AVM itself, and blood flowing through those vessels. THAT won’t resolve itself on it’s own by any means. Having had it embolized doesn’t mean that the AVM isn’t still active. The “left over” mass could unfortunately just be thriving AVM. Have the docs mentioned how much AVM is still there and how active it is?
I’ve had numerous embolizations which leave me swollen, but they typically resolve pretty quickly. I’ve had pockets of blood left inside the tissue and they never took a year to reduce. Not even close. I think you may need to get more details from your doctors, and I’d ask for copies of his films which will actually SHOW you what is left in there. It may help to clarify just what the mass actually is.
Sorry, ot sure how much help this is. But really, it sounds to me like your docs either aren’t giving you enough information or options. Can you get a second opinion???