Left parietal craniotomy for AVM?

Hello. I am a 38 year old female who was diagnosed with an AVM after a cerebral angiogram on June 30th. I had a stroke in March of this year, which left me with some peripheral vision loss in my right eye. I count myself very lucky to have only had this lasting effect. I had two sets of MRI’s, MRA’s and MRV’s done, which both showed no cause for the bleed. My neurologist then decided to have me do the cerebral angiogram, and here I am with an AVM which my doctor has concluded a craniotomy is the best option for due to the location of the AVM. I am extremely worried about this surgery, since it involves the left parietal lobe, which controls things like, speech, sensation, reading and the like. I am worried I will come out of it not being able to speak, mostly, which scares me to death. I am wondering if anyone has had this particular surgery done in the same lobe, and what your outcome was.

Hi Rachel. I did another search for you…

Hay Rachel,
I had my crani on May 30th this year and it WAS in the same place as your’s and same size. I am now at around the 5th week post op and am getting better everyday. It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, not that I would want to do it again. But now I have NO!!! AVM to worry about bleeding etc.
I could not talk, walk or move my right side when I woke up, that is pretty scary. I can’t remember how long it took, But slowly one day at a time it has come back. I walk, I talk ( a bit slurred when tired) every thing works and moves. I have a few problems, walking is a bit bouncy still and although I walk around on my own just fine when I am on uneven ground I like someone on my weak side, I think that is just confidence , my right hand is still weak, thumb and index fingers still no feeling ( well shouldn’t say no feeling it is numb and weird feeling). I do go to rehab twice a week, that is helping. I do exercisers to help with balance for walking and for stairs, the weak side you always led down stairs with first and the strong side always led’s up first, that sort of thing. Rehab lady is also teaching me how to strengthen my hand.
I am sorry for going on, just want you to know that it is ok, I am typing this on my own and although I am a lot slower and it has taken a few weeks I can read and understand what I am reading now. I am sure it is worth the operation you do not want to walk around feeling like a time bomb, you have already had a bleed and I think you were very lucky.
Of course you are really scared, who wouldn’t be, but being nervous and scared are all very normal things.
Meditation and positive thinking is all I can say.

Kia Kaha Tiaki ( stay strong and take care)


Hi! DM
My then 12 year old daughter now 15 had almost exactly the same case with you. Underwent craneo on the left brain because of AVM Dec 2008 and subjected to gamma knife last October 27,2010.With the PT done twice a week we look forward her deficiency on the right hand and legs will be gradually corrected as she wish to enter college education comes June 2012. Yes! a positive attitude towards life is the best that could help one of this case and as a mother of Nina i am happy to observe it in her. It’s a great blessing i am counting on.Nothing is impossible in His name!