Let me ask my question a different way

I have headaches frequently. They eased off for a while, but now are starting to be almost a daily thing. I have had both embolization and radiation over a 5 year span. Has anyone had headaches that went away after their AVM was completely removed through a craniotomy?

completely…no; but very infrequently and nothing a couple of advil wont fix.
always in the back of my head at the location of the craniotomy

That’s encouraging though. I just want it gone. The whole AVM. So tired of wording about it.

I always hate telling people bad news but I want to be upfront and honest. Ever since I had my brain hemorrhage I have had a headache every single day. Some people say that because they have a headache every now and then but I’ve literally had a headache every single day. The only relief I’ve ever gotten is from Hydrocodiene. I just got approved for medical marijuana and I will try that to see if it helps. Hopefully you’ll get some relief but I just want to be honest

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I don’t think any of us want to hear bad news but what I love about this site is we can get open honest answers and different perspectives based on everyone’s unique circumstances and use that to judge how we deal with our AVM’s.

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