Lets thank our guardian angels!

Unfortunately it was too late for this young lady.


Teenager died of brain haemorrhage… after doctors denied her a vital scanBy Arthur Martin
Last updated at 1:15 AM on 05th January 2009
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When Jenna Lester’s parents told doctors she had been suffering severe headaches, bouts of fainting and vomiting, they might have expected their fears of a serious illness to be shared.

But medical staff thought the 16-year-old simply had a stomach infection and did not offer a brain scan.

A week later she died of a brain haemorrhage.

Now, after a legal battle lasting almost three years, the NHS has admitted that the teenager might still be alive if doctors had acted sooner.
Jenna, who had been expected to achieve straight As in her GCSEs, had been taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent, after collapsing unconscious in the bathroom.

Her parents Mark, 42, and Sonia, 40, say they told doctors their daughter had been suffering from splitting headaches for two months.
But as Jenna was not considered a ‘patient of high priority’, she was not sent for a brain scan.

It was only when her condition deteriorated considerably that she was finally given one - five days after she first collapsed.
The scan showed that she had a blood clot on her brain, and at that stage one of the doctors turned to her parents and said: ‘We should have done the scan days ago.’ Jenna, who had been made sports-woman of the year at Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham, was transferred to King’s College Hospital, London, for an operation to remove the clot.

Doctors initially thought the surgery had been successful. But Jenna’s brain swelled dramatically and she died on February 17, 2006.

Her parents spent almost three years pursuing the Trust through Health Service complaints procedures.

Fight for answers: Mark and Sonia Lester were engaged in a three-year battle with the NHS
And last week the Medway NHS Foundation Trust admitted it had ‘failed to properly assess and investigate’ the teenager’s condition.

Her parents were sent £10,000 in compensation. But Mr Lester, a plumber, who lives with his wife, and teenage son and daughter in Rochester, said the sum could never replace Jenna.

'When we first took Jenna into hospital, we kept telling everybody that she had hit her head when she fell in our bathroom.

'We made sure that the casualty office knew about her two-month history of headaches.

‘But no one examined her head, gave her an X-ray or a scan until it was too late. Doctors were convinced that she was suffering from a gastric virus.’

At the inquest, in August 2007, the coroner ruled that Jenna had died from swelling of the brain because of bleeding from a rare condition called arteriovenous malformation.

In a narrative verdict, the coroner said her chances of survival would have been ‘enhanced’ if doctors had got to the blood clot sooner.

The condition would have been detected earlier if a scan had been performed.

The NHS Trust expressed its ’ sincere apologies to the Lesters for the shortcomings in Jenna’s care.

‘Whilst nothing can compensate for this tragic experience, lessons have been learnt and robust arrangements are in place to ensure this does not happen again.’

That is awful … Anytime someone has a headache for 2 months you would think they would do a scan . They are Doctors . It’s just crazy . YOU CANT PUT A PRICE ON A LIFE !!!

What a heartbreaking story. My heart aches for the parents and friends of this girl. What a tragedy. Thank you for sharing the article.
Christine W.

my heart breaks for the family of jenna…how tragic…and the sadest thing it could have been prevented

Makes my blood boil. When i had my grand mal seizure and got rushed to hospital, my mum said the doc advised it was a simple faint (even though i was unconscious), and i should eat and go home when i wake!!. Thankfully mum called my sister who ‘demanded’ a scan. I have no memory of that day - or the following week after, but…one thing i do remember is waking up at some point and seeing my mums beautiful face, holding my face and saying ‘oh Beverley i thought i had lost you’…I was lucky…My heart goes out to the parents of Jenna, without my daughter i wouldn’t be able to carry on, so god only knows what pain they are in at such a sad loss.
I’m not an over religeous person, but after reading that article that my friend sent me only 2 days ago, i went to church this morning to light a candle for Jenna and her family. xxx

When I started vomiting 1 year after gamma-knife, my own neurosurgeon said it was likely the flu. I pushed for an MRI and it turned out to be radiation necrosis. Lesson is: get a 2nd opinion and fight for your own healthcare.

I thank my lucky stars for having such wonderful Doctors and also to myself for listening to my body signals.
I feel very sorry for that family, I would be livid. One little MRI could have saved that girls life and the family from heartache. What is wrong with some people!!!

This is the sad reality of the NHS being out of touch with common sense, it is obvious to me and probably all of you on the site, that an MRI should have been done within a week at most not 2 months, 2 months might have well as been 6 months as it turned out. How was she not a high priority?
One problem here is people who do not have much experience with the underfunded NHS don’t realise the reality of hospital funding, there are only general doctors that see you who probably don’t know what an AVM is, then there are the cost restraints £200 for an MRI I think, but that is nothing and should not even be considered when dealing with a case like this.
The so called compensation I would throw back at them as this is an insult and they think by giving money somehow excuses thier mistakes?
It makes me so angry but it will happen again

I am so upset reading thing this! It just terrifies me to know that ifyou don’t have the cash to bribe someone, your life “is not a high priority”!

Hi Bev, that terrible, how could they put it down to a virus, rediculous! That poor family.