Life changes

Hello all. I just had an avm bleed about a month ago and I’m wondering what lifestyle changes some of you have had to make due to your conditions (ie: way of eating, exercise, ways of handling memory loss) I’m just trying to put back together the pieces and keep living life but it’s obvious its not going to be the same before which is fine because I’m still here. Thanks in advance everyone and may God bless you all.

Hi Jessica,
It’s taken a long time for me to ajust to a normal life style, about 41/2 yrs. But because of the care of family and friends I have been able to accept the limitations, the control of angry/sad were the hardest to live with, with the help of the following: Prayer, herbs and family have lived thru all this. In regards to memory, at first, for about 3 mos. could not even remember my name, Man! that made me mad, when I relized I could not remember my kids names. With the help of my Ex and son, they prescibed a herb, Ginkgo Biloba, IT WORKED! and for the control of anger/saddness: St. John’s Wort. The main Neuro doc. told me I was lucky to be alive, so I should be very happy, right? Darn right! This feelin is reinforced by all the positive/helpful comments all SURVIVORS provide.
healthy/happy days ahead