Life.Support.Music. on PBS July 7, 2009

From the filmmaker of Life.Support.Music:

I wanted to let you know that my second film, Life.Support.Music., is going to be broadcast nationally on PBS tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 7th). In some areas (LA, Boston, Philly), it’s airing on different days next week. You can check your local listing here .

Specifically, the film tracks a fantastic New York musician (Jason Crigler) as he remarkably recovers from a devastating (AVM) brain injury…but I think the film speaks to anyone facing a difficult medical crisis. For more information, here are the links to the PBS site and the film’s web site:

And a few reviews:

“Phenomenal” Boston Globe

“Miraculous” Aspen Post

“Transcends one’s perceptions of medicine, music, and even miracles” indieWIRE

“A film that has caught the fancy of critics around the globe…an inspiration to thousands” Concord Monitor

“(*****FIVE STARS) Metzgar’s documentary forces you to consider what makes you you, as well as what makes life worth living…a fabulous documentary about common people unwilling to concede defeat when it comes to someone they love, and an individual who overcomes the impossible.” Mercury

“An Independent Spirit Award- Truer Than Fiction nominee for his debut, Metzgar has now completed yet another transcendent, incredibly moving piece of cinema with his sophomore effort, Life. Support. Music… His work ethic may be DIY (he produces, directs, shoots, and edits his films), but his aesthetic is the best of what modern cinema can offer us - finding inspiration in the unlikeliest of places, masterful storytelling, and gorgeous cinematography.” Shooting People

I hope everyone can tune in.
A great summer to you all.

Best wishes,

I have my DVR ready! THANKS for the heads up!

I just finished watching this online. So incredibly difficult to watch for so many reasons… but such a beautiful film. What an amazing family. My range of emotions was just from one extreme to the other. I’m exhausted.

THANK YOU TO LIANNE who sent me the online link thru her Facebook AVM group. I’m not sure how I would have found it in Canada on TV.

If you can watch it, do.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for letting all of us know about this. I got up at 3 a.m. to watch it, and it was more than worth it.


WOW! Me and my husband watched this last night. What an inspiring story and a true testiment to how important family and friends are to recovery!