Hello everyone I just want to know do the heat or sun affect you? It seems when I’m outside I get light headed when Im expose to the sun
or over heated

The heat affects me very badly, I used to live in Phoenix Arizona and went back there to visit and the city was under an extreme heat warning. The heat brought about a bad migraine and I just physically couldn’t stand it, got sick to my stomach & hard to think. I’m glad I decided not to move back there!!

Thanks Nicole for the feed back, I just thought is was me. I live in Texas and I love being outside. Now with th AVM I cant be out during the day. And the wash machine and dryer is in our garage and its hard for me to be in there because of the heat. I feel sick to my stomach as well. Something has to give.

My son sometimes gets sick too. He’s gotten pretty good at regulating himself. This year we’ve been pretty lucky so far. He comes in& takes a cool shower about halfway thru the day when it’s hot and again when the sun goes down. It’s helped that it hasn’t been that hot yet and we’ve had periods of cooler temps here in Vegas. He drinks massive amounts of water too. It has to be ice cold. We keep his water in the freezer for him. We put 1/2 full bottles in& then fill them up rest of the way when he needs them. I’m hoping our new house will be good for him too. It has a pool so maybe that will help too. Plus his room will be on the other side of house away from everyone and the washer and dryer. We bought our house for the set up. Try hanging some moving blankets ( like the ones U-Haul has) on the walls and the door. They muffle sound pretty well. Our laundry room in our old house was right under his room and we even nailed them to the ceiling and it did the the trick.

Hi Annette. Are you on any meds that would affect how you feel in the sun? We are roasting here in Memphis! 100 degrees everyday.

Hi Barbara no I’m not on any med at this time. I think its the AVM I need to ask my doctor about it.

Sounds like it to me. I never had a problem with heat until I got older. But then a lot of things changed in my body as I aged…LOL!

Annette, The heat and sun does effect me. I have to be careful looking directly into the sun. I’ve only had seizures (2) looking directly into the sun, so I wear special sunglasses to avoid a seizure.

Yes, both the sun and heat bother me. I’m two years post bleed and craniotomy and although it has gotten better for me I still have sensitivitys to them. I also have an autonomic nervous system disorder that may exaserbate those feelings. My doctor told me that after having so much blood in my head that its normal to have sensitivity to light and that it should go away eventually. It never has for me.

Hi Annette,
Since my 4 bleeds & surgeries (multiple cavernous malformations), I don’t tolerate the heat well at all! So if I have things to do outside, I try to do them in the a.m. when cooler. Can’t say that I actually feel “light-headed,” but I don’t feel well in the heat.
Drink lots of water & keep cool! :slight_smile:

Hi Annette,
I guess I have been lucky so far. The heat does not bother me before and after surgery. I live in Florida and have always spent a lot of time outdoors. My family and I drinks lots of water. We do the frozen half water bottles too. It saves a ton of money and it keeps us cool at the beach or parks. I will try to pay more attention to the heat this week and see if it is causing any issues. For me it is background noise that keeps me from being able to have even a simple conversation.

I don’t do well being out in the sun all day. It tends to trigger migraines if I’m not careful. I make sure to wear a hat & sunglasses for outdoor activites–beach, dog shows, etc. I usually carry a hat in my tote bag/purse & keep a hat in the closet of my classroom. Luckily, this past school, year, I had lunch duty in a shaded area.

I’m also really fair, so I have to be careful in the sun anyway to keep from turning into a crispy critter.