Limbic System

Anyone have any suggestions for a Limbic system in the gutter? My family wassoshocked and dismayed to learn the only emotions I have felt in 2 years are panic and frustration I feel a deep sense of loss towards my time spent away from my children. * But love, joy and humor are fleeting and scarce I do pray a lot however

You might want to speak with a trusted counselor to see if he/she can help you get your emotions more in line with how you would like them.

It really helped us (our whole family) as we each had various concerns and fears.

Best Wishes,
Ron, KS

Hello Nicole
I had a stroke this March which impacted my Limbic system. I had five blood clots in my brain the biggest one in the center in my brain. I did loose my left side functions for about two weeks. I still have issues with my left leg, balance, memory, finding the correct words and left hand fine motor skills. I spoke to the speech therapist about how I do not swear anymore and how calm I am since the stroke. Even when I get frustrated or mad and know I should be saying something like a swear word instead of knuckle head or another child like word. The speech therapist said she had never heard such a thing that it is normal for people who have damage around the Limbic system to feel anger and the first words are swear words. Also she said that people with damage in the Limbic system can have low dopamine but sadly there is not a test to find out. I am on gabapentin for pain but raises your gaba. You might want to meet with a homepathic doctor to test your levels. It looks like there are foods that can raise your gaba, but you should get your levels tested. I do feel sad over silly stuff where I never did before the stroke. Here is a link that has some more info on low gaba. I also take b12 b1 and magnesium. Do you still have head pain? Are you able to get 8 hours of sleep?

Thanksa Angela, that was great information!! Additionally because I am a Huge fan of Whole foods!! Nice to meet you, BTW, Absolutely I Love my 8 hours of sleep, between my frequent trips to the throne; another blessed complication of my bleed:) Thanks, I'm off to google my Whole foods shop!