Lists of anti-seizure medications with lots of info

I was doing a quick search based on Sue’s post about meds. I knew the Epilepsy Foundation has a lot of good info on anti-seizure meds, and sure enough, found this site on drugs:

It lets you select which type of seizures you have, and it comes up with the most common drugs used. It describes the drugs, the dosages, and potential side effects. A lot of good drug info in one spot. At the left of this page is a listing of about 30 anti-S meds. You can also select a med and it will give you all the info on it.

I put it as a new discussion so as not to be lost. Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

Thanks Ron, for the information about the website. It is very helpful and easy to use. I hope your son is doing well with controlling his seizures.