Looks like I'm AVM free

So 10 hours surgery on Monday to cut out my avm and I woke with no movement or eye sight problem which is great, I did need a "drain" fitted which I think was due to bleeding. Surgery was estimated at 3 to 4 hours and turned out was 10 ! For my 2nd cranio !, but docs said they are happy after my angio and will schedule one for a year :-) workbook, only issues I have are very sore headaches but I guess that's to be expected while no taking morphine lol . Thanks to everyone on this site for the support for the last 6 months and keeping me positive

Congrats Martin!

So great. 10 hours may mean they were extra careful and did an extra good job.

If any new and unexpected symptoms occur in the next year, don't hesitate to get in touch with your neuro. But I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out.

Congratulations, Martin! :)

Thanks for the update, Martin, and yay for you!

Thanks all, And yes Dancermon agree completely !, Took extra care as there were much more point to cut as the Nidus was very diffused and not as compact as they might have expected and they wanted to make sure they got it all out :)

Marin..I am sooo happy for you! What an ordeal. Best wishes on your road to recovery.

Thanks very much Mountain girl, I too am hopfull that this "dark" period of my life is over and I have came through all of it so well :) , Thanks to you and everyone else :) , Wishing you all health and happiness :) Take care.

Fantastic news, always great to hear news like this x

Thanks Very much Jaszi :) , Yeah its a weight off my mind and now I'm just looking forward to a nice holiday with my kids and maybe even a nice new house :) , Lifes too short :( , Hope your well, Take care ! :) .

So I was like 99% sure it was gone ... I had a little doubt even when I was released from hospital as my surgeon was on vacation and the doctor that did the DSA (Angio) said that he was 99% sure but had to consult with one of the surgeons to double check one thing. But I emailed my surgeon and got written confirmation that my AVM is gone :) so now I'm 100% sure :)

Yay for you, Martin! Wow, 100% is awesome! Now you can celebrate and really enjoy that trip to Disneyland. Thank you for sharing such great news!

Just to follw up on this blog, I had a meeting with my surgeon on Jan 13th 2015 and he confirmed the AVM was completely obliterated !, I guess this does mean 100 % Susan :) , I do have a check angio that will be around july 2015 to confirm, but so far so good :) , I must say I'm living life like no AVM now except for the pain killers for the headaches , Lifes good !, No worries and new house :)