Loss of perephial vision

I had to passs a state driver’s test…but I did!!! I just take my time. Good Luck!

carroll dye said:

do u still drive
carroll dye

Carolyn said:
I had the same result from my surgery but you can learn to scan to the left consistantly and just be careful…it works. Good luck to your wife. my husband is forever saying "look to the left:)

My situation is slightly different. My AVM was diagnosed in 2008 following a something ‘abnormal’ being picked up on a routine eye test. To my drs knowledge I have never had a bleed. I have visual field loss on the right side of both eyes which is monitored yearly. I had never really noticed it so they were unsure whether I was born with this or whether it had developed later. In the past few months my vision on the right side has become worse. A recent visual field test has shown that the loss on the right is far more dense than last year. So mine is getting worse with no evidence of any bleed. I had my drivers licence revoked because of my sight, which isn’t much of a problem at the moment because I live where there is really good public transport. Crossing the road is very difficult because I can never tell what is coming towards me. Reading has become difficult because I always miss the end of sentences so I usullu have to read things twice for them to make sense. I have an angiogram in 2 weeks time and then the drs will discuss what to do next. Fingers crossed that the worsening of my vision is a temporary thing.