Loss of peripheral vision

Since my craniotomy I have loss of my peripheral vision to the lower left.......! Can this get better or maybe disappear whole again? has anyone experiences with that?

I did a search on here for you…

Thank u so much for ur help.....it gives me hope..thanks

Hi Manux, I had that problem for some time. My speech pathologist helped me so much as I had to learn to read again. By working on the reading problem, my vision did get better to the point where I was cleared to drive again! Just "keep on keeping on" my friend. All the very best to you!

Hi Manux...The peripheral vision lose in my right eye has not improved. However, I've learned to move that eye to the right constantly. Hope your's gets better! Keep the Faith!

I have the same problem, when my AVM ruptured, it caused swelling near the optic nerve- causing me to lose some peripheral vision and have a slight lazy eye.

In 1959 I had an AVM bleed and surgery. The AVM was in the right occipital lobe. I had spots in my eyes previous to the bleed, and lost the vision in both eyes from center to left. It is called homonymous hemianopia with macular sparing. It did not get better, and has never gotten worse. I learned to live with it, maybe because I was young. I walk into things, I fall, I have definite depth perception and binocularity problems. It affects your perception of things, not just missing peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is such an important part of the visual process, but there are neuro optometrists who can do visual therapy, and teach people to scan, and much more. I am actually in the process of getting a guide dog now that I am older, not in bad shape, but am getting older and making mistakes. Good luck.


Hi Manux. I've got the identical problem as Beansy. It's been 3 1/2 years and my vision has not improved. I did see a Low Vision Specialist and he helped me a lot. He taught me how to better scan to the left and how others could help me when walking. He also prescribed prism glasses that allow me to read again. Reading was impossible before! I'll never drive again either, but all in all, better than the alternative!

Hi Manux,My craniotomy was 1-1/2 years ago.I lost the upper left peripheral vision.It has not returned but to tell the truth I don't notice it till i bump my head.

You don't notice it till you "bump your head" is a statement I know about. That's because there is a condition called Agn_____ (I will get the name later and tell you, as I am in a hurry). This condition is due to brain surgery, bleed, or the AVM, I guess itself. It causes either a total loss of memory as to the visual problem, or an unconscious denial that there is really a severe loss. That's why you walk into stuff. And me, too. Is it in both eyes, Michael?


anosognosia is the word. look it up.


beansy I lost the upper left quadrant in both eyes. Seams like i bump into things That I know are there.I see them when I go one way but not when I come back the other.I get mad at my self I worked the same place for 30 years I know they are there just don't see them.

I looked it up and can very well see that being a problem.

Hi. I lost the left vision from up to down in both eyes, over 50 years ago, from the AVM. It is called homonymous hemianopia with macular sparing. It must be easier for a kid to all of a sudden lose vision than for it to happen as it did to you. I just thought everyone saw the same as I did, or actually I never thought I was different or that I had a visual problem. I remember after the AVM being told my vision was "not like it was" but that it would come back. Never did. Which side is your loss on? I used to drive because I did not really know I should not. Now most states have laws about hemianopia and driving. Back then no one even knew what it was. I only went to an eye doctor to get new glasses about 12 years ago. He made me take a visual field test. He caught me and that was it. Sometime before that, I did finally realize I had what I called no peripheral vision in my left eye). and in order to pass the eye test to keep my license, I would listen to the person getting the eye exam in front of me to pick up what they were saying they saw. I would repeat that if I could not see a binocularity test, like seeing a parrot halfway in a cage. What I really saw was a parrot with one eye and a cage with the other. I have no convergence, binocularity and my depth perception is bad in different lighting situations. The state agency (DMV) revoked my license, but then the same state but another agency, the Division of Visually Impaired, stated they would not help me because I was not legally blind. Nice, huh? Now I am considered legally blind. I will have another term for you, if you want to look it up, that is also interesting. I have to restore some of my data in my computer to find it. I have been away for months and messed my mac up. So after I get it straightened out, I'll write again.


I also cheat at the docs. When he asks which fingers are moving I can see the muscles in his arm moving.I don't do it on purpose it's just the way you learn to get around things.It's funny but not funny how we adapt to things.I also have spacial problems.When I walk into an unfamiliar room I look for door jambs or window frames ect that I know should be straight.It seems like your brain learns what you have to do to get around your problems.After a while you don't realize it.Until your on a street where all the light poles are leaning!The state still lets me drive a car but no more commercial license.

Is it left or right side, or both?

just upper left

So your AVM was in the right side back of your brain?

My AVM involved all three lobes.Temporal occipital and Parietal.There was also an aneurism involved somewhere.

Doctor said I was lucky to survive.They thought i would never walk and talk again.So i am ok with whatever problems I have

You are lucky that's for sure, and had a good doc. My
avm was mostly in the right occipital lobe, extending into the parietal. It was 1 cm and hemorrhaged. I think it had been bleeding for a time. Back then there were no scans, only EEG, angiogram, and other invasive and barbaric tests that are not done anymore. I know how lucky I am to be alive. The odds were not good in 1959.

I use to bump into benches or things standing on the left side..its gotten better coz I think i learned to hold my head a bit more low then i can see everything- but sometimes my eyes are a bit weird too...sometimes i feel like looking cross-eyed...but no double vision...just a weird outlook..i dont know if this is still from my brain adjusting itself back or if it is from the loss of the peripheral vision too - maybe its my eyes trying to compensate the loss...its so confusing sometimes..but nowadays i find myself at a point where i dont worry so much about that all anymore..i start to think that i am tired about worrying and beeing scared..I am just accepting it how it is and hope that it will be better the next day., coz when I have a good day my eyes and vision is pretty good and my head feels like someone took off a helmet..it feels kinda free and i feel so good then. These days give me hope of a better future.