Loved ones, supportive or not?

that is great Jeff about your brothers. Well I have the same problems about relationships. Once I get into my presonal side it’s like they are afraid of being with me. Ah well!!! I guess I will just get involved with them in the intimacey way. That’s what I have been doing for the last five-six years. It’s driving me crazy but I have to do something to relieve myself. You know what I mean. eeeehhhh!!! Later Dude

this is a great site and you should thank Ben Munoz, I believe his name is.

I have been through every step with my son Jacob and don’t leave his side when he is in hospital. My parents are great at looking after my daughter but live in denial about how serious it could be each time something happens my mum panics and my dad just says “hes a tough guy hes fine”.

When I had the brain hemorrhage and I was near death my family was out in the waiting room fighting with my husband about the decisions that he was making. That was hard on my husband. When I got home and started asking questions about everything he hesitaited to tell me what happened. I was so upset that as I lay there fighting for my life they were in there fighting with each other. It was a couple of months later but I talked to everyone and we got it all straightened out. I made them realized that my husband was only doing what he thought was best for me. And that he should have been the one making the decisions anyway.
Everything was alot better when I had the AVM surgery and now I am closer to my mother. She is my best friend.
My husband is very supportive and patient with me and all my “problems” that I have. LOL! And my kids are great. They have become my hands and feet. They help do all the chores around the house and one or the other is with me all the time to help. I am very thankful for them.