Mayfield Clinic/Dr. Ringer

Hello. Has anyone had a craniotomy done by Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati and/or specifically done by Dr. Andrew Ringer? My experience with them for my cerebral angiogram was great, and I am awaiting a date to have my craniotomy done to eliminate an AVM here in the next couple of weeks.

Hi Rachel. I did a search on here for you …
I noticed your comment on vacation soon after surgery. I should warn you that most people are TIRED after a craniotomy. For one thing most neurosurgeons put their patients on ant-seizure meds as a preventive measure. Those drugs alone will make you lethargic. I hope wherever you plan to go that it will be a relaxing trip!


Actually, we are planning to go to the beach, so yes, it will be very relaxing. As long as my family doesn’t let me fall asleep in the sun, I think I should be good. :slight_smile:

Oh, and btw, thank you for the links…I appreciate you taking the time to do that for me. :slight_smile: