Medic alert jewelry - have it?

I actually started thinking about this after reading a post by Regis (thanks!) Although I’m thought about getting a medic alert bracelet or something in case anything were to happen, I never have. I don’t really want something huge and ugly like a red flag wherever I wear it. Regis suggested dog tags… any other suggestions?

Beth- I have one. There was a kiosk in the mall that sold nice, subtle ones. Looks more like a regular bracelet. I travel alot for living, in hotel rooms, hotels, etc. So, for me its a security blanket in case something goes wrong when I don’t anyone around me that know me.

I have one. Have worn one since I was a child. I’m so used to it now that I honestly don’t even notice I have it on. Just a small silver bracelet with the medic alert “part” on the inside of my wrist. Nobody ever notices it or asks about it so I would definately not say it is a “big red flag” in my case.

They do have very attractive ones now, but mine is just a simple sliver “chain” and bends in with my watch. Had this particular one for probably 15 years. And the logo did originally come with red filling in the engraved part. I think I picked that off withing the first few months and now it is just the silver little snake!

No big deal, but totally gives me that peace of mind “just in case.” I’ve never had reason to use it, but you never know. I guess I’m a better safe than sorry kind of girl!

I got my son a very good quality dog tag with Brain AVM, the date of discovery and my cell phone number on it. A paramedic told me that they do check for medic alert jewellery so it was worth getting. It also makes my son feel safer too. It still looks like new. He had a less expensive bracelet to start but it broke quite quickly.

Actually, now that Joy mentioned the paramedic thing, I realized that mine DID in fact come in handy once.

Last year I actually had a dog bite which ripped my lip open (already weak tissue because of my AVM) and I was bleeding like a crazy person. Had to call 911, they looked at my bracelet as did the doctors since I couldn’t really talk to explain and warn them. Lot’s of bleeding, fainting, scared the bejeezus out of the ER staff, the nurse later brought me in a new gown to change into since I “looked like a murder victim.” Ya…good times!

Long story short-it served it’s purpose and I was grateful to have it.

I agree that it is a good idea. They seem to have better looking options now. They even have a set of dog tags. I think I might get one now. I wonder if insurance might cover the cost…

I plan on getting something soon, not sure if itll be a necklace or bracelet but i’m leaning towards a bracelet. I plan on going away to college so if something happens i want people to be able to react the right way

also, if you did get them, where did you??
because ive looked online a little and nothing looks that great…

Beth…I ordered Ashley one and she loves it. It is pink and white swavarski? crystal w/the silver medical tag. We had it engraved w/her diabetes…avm left frontal lobe…and stroke list with our phone #'s on it. She wears it most of the time. We got it at a website called…pricey but worth it if it is ever needed! Denise