Medical Expenses

My friend was diagnosed with an AVM a few months ago. He cannot get treatment because he cannot afford it. He spent all his savings on the diagnosis and two office visits. I cannot believe they turn people away because hey don’t have enough money. I have been so naive! I don’t know how to help him. Is there help out there I don’t know about or do I need to start planning ways to raise funds for medical expenses? Advice would be appreciated.

bumping this up! I hope someone has some suggestions for Kellie. I have no idea what you do if you don’t have the $ for treatment. Makes me sick to think of having to cope with having an AVM AND worrying about the expenses.

i know what your friend is going through the doctors in the public health system couldnt help me and i needed to be operated on privatley at the cost of 300,00,00 my husband and i had to remorgate our home along with my parents and in laws to pay for the operation …i had a great community who got toghether and raised me 70,00 towards the bill so i was very fortunate…all i could suggest is maybe get a few people together and throw around some fund raising ideas…the generosity of people truly amazes me

If your friend is in the US and don’t have anything they can take, tell your friend to get Medicaid. Go to the nearest office and apply for medicaid for an emergency. Most people are eligible for medical. I would start raising money too.